The Best Dietary Supplements For Weight Loss


If you are looking at options to help in losing weight, you may well consider weight loss supplements such as Diet pills in which is becoming an ever growing market. The best diet supplements for weight loss can be in the form of pills but also there are a number of more natural sources to consider which can be used for the same purpose.


To fully explain and provide a better understanding of what might be most suitable for you, the article will look at the risks and benefits involved and will dig deeper into both forms of fat burning supplements.




Fat Burning Supplements – Weight Loss Pills Diet Supplements

Even though the focus here is on weight loss pills, fat burning supplements are also often used in the form of drinks and formula’s. Fat burning supplements are also widely known as Thermogenic supplements and are believed to increase metabolism and prevent the body absorbing fat, therefore increasing weight loss. The problem is there is not as much regulation on supplements compared to medication or prescription drugs and this can lead to a degree of uncertainty about their benefits and potential side effects.


All fat burning supplements must be used alongside other lifestyle changes in order to work effectively. Some are advertised falsely as ‘natural’ or as being able to help you lose weight with no significant effort needed, which we know is highly unlikely. There are certainly several known benefits associated with them in terms of increasing energy levels, therefore encouraging more productive Exercise and are also known for suppressing appetite.


Some common ingredients found in these weight loss pills are Guarana, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract and Garcinia Cambogia (click link for more info). All of these can have a positive impact in moderate amounts such as enhanced mental focus, increased energy levels and fat oxidation which basically allows stored body fat to be more easily accessed. Later, we will go into more depth regarding the potential benefits and risks involved with supplements using these ingredients. Given that safety is a concern with these types of supplements due to the relaxed regulations on them, below we discuss more natural supplements that you can look out for as an alternative.




Natural Fat Burning Supplements Diet Supplement

Natural fat burning supplements are also found in the form of pills, but it is important to know the ingredients involved and what to look out for so you can distinguish between natural fat burners and fat burners that claim to be ‘natural supplements’ as discussed above.


Natural supplements are made from vitamins and nutrients that are already found in the body. These, combined with natural plants and herbs, give you a safer alternative to lose weight. Certainly there is much discussion about more natural health supplements, while this can be beneficial it can also cause judgement to be clouded as there are so many different views or recommendations to take in.


Some natural supplements we know to be very significant include all Herbal teas, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Chromium and Fat-Burning Foods such as High-fiber foods, Spicy foods, Coconut oil and Apple cider vinegar. Below, more is explained about the benefits and risks attached to both the different types of supplements we have discussed.




Benefits of Weight Loss Supplements

It is important to note that there are associated benefits for each of the supplements we have spoken about and by making that clear, it allows for you to make your own mind up on what could be most suitable for you.


The Benefits of Diet Pills:

  • Appetite suppression – Offers your body the ability to keep cravings away without an intake of calories. Pills that contain stimulants such as Caffeine and Guarana are best known for this.
  • Increased energy levels – This helps you burn more calories during Exercise, also have been known to increase resting energy output which allows you to burn more calories when resting than normal.
  • Prevention of fat build up – Although not all regulations are thorough, one key ingredient often used is Betaine. This is known to prevent the development of new fat.
  • Increased metabolism – A permanent weight loss can be achieved through increasing metabolism and this in turn can provide long term benefits.



The Benefits of Natural Supplements:Outdoor Fitness Training

  • Improving your health – With natural supplements known to reduce between 5-10% of your body weight, this can help in decreasing your blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure. They can also increase your sensitivity to Insulin, therefore reducing risk of developing diabetes.
  • Affordable – Most natural supplements are affordable compared to other Diet supplements and are considered overall safer as natural Diet pills provide less risk of adverse reactions.
  • Beneficial changes in body – Can increase lean muscle, reduce body weight, speed up recovery following workouts, boost metabolism and reduce food intake.
  • Provide an alternative – Very useful for people who can’t take other pills because of risks or reactions with other medication.



Risks of Weight Loss Supplements

As discussed, there are also some side effects and risks involved with Dietary supplements and they have been listed below to provide clarity on this.


The Risks of Diet Pills:

  • Effects on body – Have been known to cause heart palpitations and restlessness. Difficulties sleeping and anxiety can be caused if not taken in moderate amounts.
  • False marketing – Due to relaxed regulations some products lead you to believe that the product alone can solve any weight issues. This is not the case and should be used alongside other lifestyle changes.
  • Testing – Quite often these products don’t get tested properly before use in terms of effects on pregnant woman, people with medical conditions or those who are taking other medication.


While natural supplements may appear safe, contamination of supplements with banned substances or other harmful ingredients is also possible. Some associated side effects mentioned above can also be applicable to natural supplements also, particularly if not taken in moderation.




Research Is Key

Overall, it can be said that Dietary supplements of all kind can be beneficial if used in moderate amounts and used to supplement your lifestyle changes regarding Diet and Exercise. Of course, further research into the ingredients of any supplements you consider is advised.


The ingredients discussed here certainly will help in knowing what to look out for if purchasing Dietary supplements and hopefully the article has helped in providing more awareness on the topic.




Lose Weight And Still Eat What You Want – Quantity Is Key


It is very possible to lose weight and still eat what you want as long as you manage this and keep within your daily calorie allowance. Although compromises have to be made, it does not mean you have to give up all the foods you may find enjoyable as in the long run this is often not the most beneficial way of losing weight.


It is common knowledge that you have to be prepared to put the work in and at times compromise on your normal diet in terms of managing what you eat and how much you eat in order to lose weight. Being able to control your daily calorie intake is important to making it work and understanding what your body needs is also particularly useful.


Depending on how quickly you want to lose weight can depend on what diet is most suitable for you. There are diets that work towards losing more weight in a shorter period of time but these diets involve strict management of the foods you consume. For example 5 days in a week could involve only healthy foods at the normal calorie intake level and then halving your calorie intake for the remaining 2 days in the week, this is known as intermittent fasting. The example for this type of diet is called the 5:2 Diet (click link for more info) and can be over the course of around 12 weeks or longer and can result in losing between 14-28lbs of weight if stuck to properly.



How To Lose Weight Without

Starving YourselfFeature Image 3

Everybody needs to know starving yourself and not supplying your body with the necessary nutrients in order to lose weight is not healthy or enjoyable and certainly isn’t a long term solution. When losing weight it is important to keep energy levels high to allow for more productive exercise but also to maintain the feeling of normality so that your mind is not constantly thinking that you are on a diet, therefore leading to cravings and feelings of negativity towards your new regime.


There are many diets out there which encourage people to skip meals or eat an insufficient amount for what their body needs in order to lose weight quicker, sometimes there will be short term gain in terms of losing some weight but in the long run many dieters who try this end up putting their original weight back on after they complete the diet. In some cases they put even more weight on than before they began the diet as starving yourself leads to a slower metabolism, so when you begin eating more again the weight is put on more rapidly.


It is unfortunate that some Celebrities do not help this by using diet to make money and boost their brand image. They often show a before and after image which shows the weight they have lost by doing what they are promoting via their Fitness or Workout DVD and as a result encourage sales of their product but often this is not the truth. All seems good until a bit later down the line it comes to light that they in fact achieved the weight loss through a ‘starvation diet’ in order to get slim in a short space of time so they could get their product out quicker, as losing weight in a more natural way would only delay the time they could get their product to the market and potentially hinder sales or even mean they miss out on an opportunity to increase their brand.


This then ends up giving more coverage to the credibility of ‘starvation diets’ as people see how effective it is without thinking of the longer term effects which isn’t good when you consider losing weight can be such a sensitive and sought after thing for many people. Of course, this is not all Celebrities but given the influence that many of them have it only takes a few to portray a false image which then has a negative impact on many trusting followers.



Quantity Is Key Health And Food

Within a healthy and balanced diet, a man needs around 2500 calories and a woman needs around 2000 calories. Of course, this can vary depending on age, metabolism and levels of physical activity but it provides a good framework in which to work from. Given that these are the recommended amounts for men and women when maintaining weight, you can adapt your own intake accordingly depending on what is suitable for you. For example, for a woman to lose one pound of weight of per week the daily intake would need to be at 1500 calories. For a man the daily intake is at 2000 calories to lose one pound of weight per week.


The above figures are good outlines to work from, but ultimately you will need to decide what works best for you and this may take some experimenting and a few attempts to feel comfortable. This is perfectly natural as your body is undergoing a process of change from a dietary routine it has experienced for a long time into a newer and healthier lifestyle. A diet where you are more relaxed about what you eat but you manage the amounts correctly and are prepared to lose weight over a longer period of time or a diet where you are more strict with what you eat and are looking to lose weight within a shorter period of time can both be effective but can take time to adapt to.


This is why I always suggest that dieters shouldn’t deprive themselves of too many things but instead focus on quantities. Of course Added Sugars, Processed Carbs and foods very high in fat should be avoided on the whole but should then be replaced with foods high in Protein, Fiber, Natural Sugars and Carbs to ensure your body is provided with the right nutrients and energy. Doing all of this within a daily calorie intake makes it easier to plan your meals and stick to your targets.



Achievements Should Be Rewarded 

Cutting back on things you know are important to losing weight is a very good start as opposed to banning things completely. Banning lots of things from your diet can actually increase the cravings your body has for those things and can give you too much to handle in one go, particularly as the beginning stage of losing weight can be the hardest given their is a feeling of unfamiliarity and it can be tough to adapt to the change.


After a certain period you will become more accustomed to your new lifestyle and will find new foods that replace the foods that were preventing you from losing weight and your body will no longer have those same cravings and you will adapt what you eat accordingly.


I know from previous experience that targets set are often much more likely to be achieved when the reward is seen as realistic to obtain. Even if the reward is small it can still be extremely beneficial to the overall picture, rewarding yourself on occasion with a treat following a stretch of good work within your diet or following a period of strenuous exercise can be useful, especially earlier on in the process to help stay on track initially and keep motivation levels high overall.



You Know Your Body Best Health And Fitness

Ultimately you know what your body needs best, but knowing that diet isn’t all about cutting out everything bad is very worthwhile as anything can work providing it is in a suitable quantity and you are willing to put the work in when it comes to physical activity. Setting yourself daily limits for your calorie intake is key to being able to closely monitor where you are at and how you are progressing along.


Trying new foods that you like better than others is perfectly normal along the way to achieving the end result, how far you can push your body physically may well change as you carry out more physical activity but it is important to know that losing weight doesn’t happen overnight and their is a process that your body will undertake but ultimately once you achieve your ultimate goal you will be much more likely to maintain the new lifestyle you have created for yourself.

How To Lose Weight With Diet And Exercise – Stay Fit and Healthy


Knowing how to lose weight with diet and exercise can be a very hard task, however understanding more about ways in which the body works to lose fat and ways in which you can encourage the process is key to completing the task.


Knowledge is power in all aspects of life but in particular when it comes to achieving a target you have set yourself. Many people who set themselves the challenge of losing weight either give up early on after becoming overwhelmed with the task they are taking on or go onto complete their Goals, but then see this as job done and end up reverting back to the same position they were in before.


Below is a clear outlook on the factors that can help in staying motivated and reaching your targets, knowledge is key for this to work and the information provided helps.




How Exercise And Diet Can Work Together Diet And Exercise

Most people tend to focus on either exercise or diet but not always both, as a result they can become frustrated when by doing one of these things they are not seeing the progress they had hoped for. It can be common for the term ‘diet’ to be translated into cutting out anything containing any fat, sugar, carbohydrates or basically any food many people find enjoyable.


In reality diet is about cutting certain things out completely but mainly focusing on the quantity you consume of those particular things. Most things are fine in small amounts, however being prepared to cut out things that don’t provide very much nutritional value will be a massive help along the way to reaching your goals.


Exercise is of course vital in terms of losing weight, but it is important for your diet to be complimenting your exercise in terms of supplying the energy levels required and allowing you to be more productive in terms of what you gain from your workouts. When exercising regularly it is important to focus on targeting different areas of the body to allow for your body to rest when needed.



Losing Weight Through Diet and Exercise

When trying to balance your diet and the amount of exercise you do, it can take some experimenting to realize what is best for you and your body. Some diet or exercise routine that may have worked for a friend or family member may not work for you, therefore you need to be prepared to adapt accordingly.


Losing weight through your diet is all about cutting back on food that doesn’t provide you with the necessary nutrients but also keeping a balanced diet that is still fulfilling. Taking Processed Carbs and Added Sugars out of your diet is important but this doesn’t mean having a treat on occasion as a reward for sticking to your diet is forbidden.


Exercising is of course important to losing weight, so being able to change up your exercise routine can be very useful to keeping your interest levels high. Using both Aerobic and Resistance exercises is very beneficial in doing this.

 Health And Fitness



Tips For Losing Weight

It is very easy to become overwhelmed and lose the desire required when losing weight, so breaking your workload down makes things a lot easier in sticking to the task.


Below we have listed our Ten recommended tips for staying on track:


  1. Always Eat Breakfast: It is a myth that skipping breakfast helps you lose weight, in fact you can miss out on essential nutrients and it increases the chances that you will be tempted to snack throughout the day.
  2. Eat Regular Meals: Eating Three fulfilling meals throughout the day helps burn calories at a faster rate and reduces the temptation to snack on foods high in sugar and fat.
  3. Try Planning Your Meals: By planning your meals for the week, it makes it easier to stick to your calorie intake and not have to worry about having the right foods available as you can buy in advance.
  4. Avoid Banning Many Foods: By banning the foods you like, it can make you crave them even more. Now and then it can be useful to reward yourself with a treat as long as it remains within your daily calorie allowance.
  5. Cut Back on Processed Carbs: Cutting back on Processed Carbs is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and start using body fat as fuel. Processed Carbs largely prevents stored body fat being accessed.
  6. Drink Plenty of Water: It is often claimed that drinking water can help with weight loss, and this is true. Drinking water half an hour before meals helps dieters eat fewer calories as a result by making the body feel more full.
  7. Keep Active: Now this may seem like obvious advice, but both Aerobic exercise and Resistance exercise are important. While Aerobic exercise (Cardio) is important for losing fat, some Resistance exercise (Muscle Training) is also important to prevent losing too much muscle mass at the same time.
  8. Eat more Fiber: The consumption of Fiber is often recommended for weight loss, it can help you control your weight over the longer term. Vegetables and Fruit are perfect as they are low in calories, rich in Fiber and very filling.
  9. Cut Back on Added Sugars: In order to lose weight, avoiding added sugar is a major component to achieving this. Added sugars are proven to be strongly linked to Obesity, Heart Disease and Diabetes.
  10. Increase Protein Consumption: Protein is the most important nutrient when losing weight. Consuming more Protein has been shown to boost metabolism and helps you feel more satisfied, decreasing the craving for snacks.



Remaining On The Right Track

Often people lose weight but then don’t concentrate on maintaining that and end up returning to their original weight. This is very common with dieters who starve themselves or cut back on way too much. Maintaining a more balanced and all round diet is essential and this keeps people more interested in sticking with it as a way of life even after they have achieved their original target.


How you feel mentally towards living a relatively healthy lifestyle is just as important as how much you put in physically, particularly when it comes to continuing this way of life.



Keeping Your Eyes On The Prize  Freedom With Fitness

Once you have more knowledge about different aspects of diet but also a variety of exercises available, keeping a healthy lifestyle will become second nature to you. Over time, you find different parts of diet and exercise that suit your body best, therefore creating more enjoyment for you.

This is important as losing weight can be a process which takes a while to complete and maybe several attempts before you find the right formula. Taking it step by step allows you to achieve your ultimate goal.


Home Fitness And Exercise Equipment – Improve Fitness And Health


Knowledge and understanding of different types of exercises combined with a commitment to staying fit and healthy can be a perfect match to improve a number of aspects in your life.


Whilst many people have this as their aim, actually finding the time and motivation can be extremely difficult when taking into account Work, Family and Friends. The best solution we have found for this is Home Fitness and Exercise Equipment.


This allows people the convenience of being able to carry out their own fitness and exercise training in the comfort of their own home, this in particular helps those who struggle to find the time and money to put towards going to the gym and constant membership fees that come with that. Below is a breakdown to provide further knowledge of how home fitness and exercise training can be extremely beneficial.



Importance Of Flexible Fitness Training Header Image 2

Many People want to carry out regular exercise and maintain their health and fitness, however find it very difficult to combine this with their busy lives. This results in those same people often becoming unmotivated and struggling to find enjoyment in exercising and considering it more of a distraction than something they look forward to.


Having the suitable fitness and exercise equipment enables everyone the flexibility of carrying out their exercise training in the comfort of their own home or outdoors without feeling the need to get to the Gym. For some people the pressure of training around people they don’t know can make them feel uncomfortable and having the flexibility to train the same way as they could in the Gym eliminates that.


Everybody knows that if you enjoy something or are more motivated for that thing, then you are much more likely to carry out the task efficiently and benefit more from the results. Having the flexibility to exercise when and where you want help in providing more enjoyment and further motivation.



Improving Health With Cardio Or Muscular ExercisesHeader Image 2

It has always been well-known that fitness and exercise is associated with maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, the health benefits can be beneficial both physically and mentally. Even though most people would understand this as a general rule, sometimes knowing more about the associated benefits can help with realizing the importance of regular exercise.


Regular physical activity can help protect people from Obesity, Back Pain and Osteoporosis as well as significantly decreasing the risk of Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Strokes. The benefits of regular physical activity on mental well-being are often overlooked but in a modern world where constant pressure can be faced ‘Stress Management’ and ‘Self Esteem’ are key benefits that can be achieved through fitness and exercise.


The best part to all the different types of flexible training equipment on offer is that this allows everyone to tailor workouts to suit their needs for both Cardio or Muscular exercises.



Knowing The Best Work-Outs For Certain Target Areas Training Workouts

We find that breaking down the body into four key areas makes identifying what area of the body you want to focus on when doing certain exercises much easier. As a result, knowing and then targeting a specific area can make the training you do much more productive.


Below are listed the target areas into four parts:


Upper Body: The Upper Body includes the Chest, Back and Shoulder Muscles. The Pectoralis Major is the large Muscle that runs from your Armpit down to the middle of your chest. Exercises for this consist of Push-Ups with or without a Resistance Band or what’s known as ‘The C-Sweep’ or the Incline Fly which can be done with suitably weighted Dumbbells and a Bench Press or Body Balance Ball. The Trapezius Muscles are located in your Back, effective exercises for your Back are a Single-Arm Dumbbell Row which can be done with an Exercise Mat and Dumbbell and a Wide-Grip Pull-Up which can be completed using a Workout Bar. The Shoulders also known as the ‘Deltoid Muscles’ can be strengthened through an Exercise such as the ‘L’ Shoulder Raise which is carried out using a Resistance Band and other exercises such as Dumbbell Lateral Raise or Upright Row which both involve manageable weights accordingly.

Lower Body: Lower body exercises target the Glutes, Thighs and Calves. The Gluteus Maximus and Gluteus Medius can be targeted with exercises such as Squat and Walk using a Resistance Band and also Dumbbell Squats whilst Hamstring Raises and Lunges are also useful. Thigh Muscles consist of Hip Abductors, Tensor Fascia Latae, Quadriceps and Hamstrings, an important exercise for this is the Lying Outer-Thigh Blaster which is carried out using a Resistance Band and Exercise Mat. You can strengthen your Calves with Sumo Squats or Calf Raises and Bicycle Crunches which can be completed by laying down on an Exercise Mat and using a Resistance Band.

Core: An exercise that targets your Abdominal Muscles is the Standing Row with the use of a Resistance Band and something to pull from allows you to activate your Core Muscles. Other exercises include Abdominal Crunches and Side Planks as well as a Knee Tuck, Mountain Climber, Pike and Plank Jack which can all be performed using Core Sliders. Knee Tucks, Plank to Pike, V Roll-Outs and Knee Roll-Outs are very effective and are all done using an Ab Wheel.

Arms: The Biceps and Triceps are arm muscles. To target the Biceps the best exercises include Bicep Curls and Hammer Curls and Resistance Band Bicep Curls which involve the use of Dumbbells and Resistance Bands. Another very useful exercise targeting Biceps is Ball Press Work involving the use of a Medicine Ball. The Triceps are the Muscles on the back of the Upper Arm that runs from just under the Shoulder Muscles down to the Elbows. Target the Triceps using Dumbbells with a Kickback, Triceps Raise or Overhead Triceps Extension.



Matching Equipment With Certain Target Areas            Home Exercise Equipment

Having explained further about which exercises are most useful when targeting certain areas of the body it is also important to know which Equipment can be best used for each target area. Although there are a few exercises that can be done with no equipment at all most exercises are enhanced with the use of exercise equipment as it provides more variety and productivity to the training you do.


Upper BodyThe big equipment you find in the Gym is not the equipment you need for your Home Gym to achieve the results you want. The five most important pieces of equipment we recommend for Home Exercise when targeting your Upper Body includes Dumbbells, Workout Bar, Kettlebells, and a Bench Press is ideal (A Body Balance Ball can be used).

Lower Body: The Lower Body is certainly an area where not much equipment is needed but the use of equipment improves performance and results dramatically. The equipment pieces we recommend for this target area includes High Step Aerobic Platform, Resistance Bands and an Exercise Mat.

Core: Exercises targeting the Core Muscles without equipment can be extremely limited and repetitive, therefore we recommend Core Sliders, Ab Wheels and Resistance Bands to enhance your Core Area. There are also very practical Ab Machines (click link for more info)that target the Core Area effectively.

Arms : For Arm exercises it is always useful to have some different equipment available to you in order to change training methods from time to time. As well as Dumbbells we also suggest a Medicine Ball and Resistance Band as being able to provide alternative exercises for targeting your Arm Muscles.



Fitness And Exercise Training ‘Goals’

A proven and effective method in maintaining motivation and enjoyment in fitness and exercise training is to always set yourself achievable Goals. It is important not to set your targets too high at first so that you don’t lose motivation early on, but by setting realistic targets over a certain period you will constantly find yourself wanting to reach the next level of your progression.





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