The Confidence Fitness Machine – Is It Right For You



The Confidence Fitness Machine has taken the interest of many people looking to get fit in their own home, it has been particular popular because of the convenience it provides for people but also because of how easy it is to use. As a result, the machine has been suitable for a wide range of potential users.



By looking in more depth at what the machine has to offer, hopefully we can provide some more insight. This can be very useful when a product is causing a bit of a craze and you want to know what all the fuss is about before committing to it. I have several Family members who have used the machine and so have been able to see the positive results firsthand, particularly after being a bit doubtful of what effect it could have.



Name (+ Link): Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Confidence Fitness Machine

Price: $249.99

Product Claim: Increase muscle strength and improves oxygen and blood circulation leading to improved general fitness.

Weight: The machines weighs 62lbs

Dimensions: Vibration Plate = 21″ x 15″

The Confidence Vibration Platform Fitness Machine = 29″ x 27.5″ x 48″

Extras: Transport wheels built into the base of the machine enables users to move the machine easily

Guarantee: Product comes with a 1-year warranty

Product Rating: 9/10





How the machine worksConfident Fitness 3

The machine itself is easy to navigate via the control panel, there is a Power/Speed option which can be adjusted anywhere between levels 1-50 depending on preference. The higher the levels the more power is felt from the vibrations.


There are also three built-in preset speed programs which can be used. A key benefit to using a vibration machine regularly is that you get protection against bone thinning and in fact increases your bone density.


A range of exercises can be performed on the machine, which include exercises where you stand, lie or sit on the vibration platform. These exercises can target different areas of the body, in order to target your Upper body, the machine can be utilized with yoga straps that also come with the machine.




Overall benefits of machine

With the machine highly thought of amongst users, there are a number of benefits that the machines has to offer.


Overall is easy to use: Simply by getting on the body vibration machine for 10-20 minutes a few times a week can have a positive impact on how you look and feel. If you wish to try out the different exercises suggested in the fitness guide or use the included yoga straps, then this can take one or two times of use before getting familiar with.

Suitable for a wide-range of people: Given it can be used as a low impact machine, this means it can be used by all ages.

Versatile training: The machine can be used for more intense workouts, a number of exercises are recommended within the fitness guide that comes with the machine.

Confidence Fitness 4





Are there any negatives

It is always important when reviewing products to make sure that a balanced view is provided. Although there are several negatives, fortunately they are minor issues and haven’t outweighed the positive aspects that the machine has to offer with users.



Assembling the machine: The Confidence Vibration Machine does not come pre-assembled. The machine comes complete with instructions and a few users have said it took them a little longer than they would have liked to assemble as they found the instructions a little confusing. You do have the option to pay extra to have it assembled for you, however a little perseverance with these things usually get’s the job done in the end.


Getting to know the machine: There can be a bit of time required to get used to performing various exercises on the machine if you have not used it before, and there are no visible markers for mounting the yoga straps but if you look at the base of the machine, then you can see where the straps attach.



Overall reviews from previous users Confidence Fitness 1

As I mentioned earlier, knowing and seeing the impact the machine has had on several of my family members indicates to me that the machine is very effective.


The product hasn’t become a #1 bestseller on Amazon by luck, the product clearly has something very positive to offer. This has been reflected in the reviews given by people, as they generally feel the machine makes exercising easier for them and provides a massive amount of convenience and practicality given it can be used in the comfort of your own home.





Ab Machine Reviews – Impact Key Area



When it comes to fitness equipment, it can be very tough to know what provides the best value for money and what could be most effective for you when looking to make an informed choice. These products are all able to help users improve their fitness but must be used alongside suitable diet changes and other lifestyle changes to work most effectively.


The Ab machine reviews we have carried out aim to provide some clarity on three products and their benefits/drawbacks to help provide some knowledge in researching prior to any potential purchase.




Name (+ Link):  Core Max Ab MachineCore Max Ab

Product Claim: Provides superior performance to regular abdominal crunches

Effects on Workout: – Can customize your routine with 3 different resistance levels which can be adjusted according to your fitness level

– Through Dual-Direction resistance design the product provides resistance on way up and down in order to maximize results, which is not the case with a regular abdominal crunch

Price: $59.99

Extras: Product comes with fitness DVD to help with workouts and exercise guide that includes eight different exercises and some nutritional advice regarding ‘calorie cutting foods’

Comparative Niche: Product comes with some nutritional content to help users with diet which the other two products do not

Customer Rating: 8.2/10




Name (+ Link):  Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment Wonder Core

Product Claim: A resistance based exercise machine which can provide a full-body workout including cardio

Effects on Workout: – Allows you to target a variety of muscle groups which include your upper, middle, lower Abs and obliques, gluts, calves, forearms, triceps and biceps

– The product provides an adjustable spring on each side that allows you to change resistance levels from 24-48lbs

Price: $79.00

Extras: Exercise DVD with two 35 minute workouts and a fitness guide including eight exercises are provided

Comparative Niche: Is the most widely reviewed product of the three providing more insight into previous users opinions

Customer Rating: 8.6/10




Name (+ Link):  Merax Abdominal Exercise Trainer Merax Abdominal

Product Claim: 6 in 1 workout machine plus ability to carry out cardio training to provide the full body workout

Effects on Workout: – Provides total body training and muscle groups including upper, middle, lower Abs and obliques, gluts, calves, forearms, triceps and biceps

– The dual-resistance design effects muscles during relaxing phase to potentially increase outcome of workload

Price: $45.95

Extras: Interlocking springs allow for adjustable resistance

Comparative Niche: Is the cheapest product of the three reviewed

Customer Rating: 8.6/10




Practical Equipment = Added Convenience

The first thing to know is that these types of exercise machines are suitable for all ages as they can be used effectively at all levels of training, from starting out to more someone more experienced. These types of equipment are designed to offer different levels of resistance depending on preference and fitness ability of the user.


Given they are not big pieces of equipment, they are very practical and can be used in and around your home easily. The equipment is ideal for transporting around, so if the weather is nice you can easily adapt your normal training regime to an outdoor environment or take with you to train with a friend.




Getting Your Money’s WorthHappy

Given several of the machines reviewed are advertised as being able to target a number of key areas of the body, it is important to realize this can only mean money saved down the line. The flexibility of the equipment allows for the user to avoid buying a number of different pieces of equipment for different target areas.


The more you use exercise equipment at home the more you will understand the benefits attached to it, such as the convenience factor of being able to workout when and where you want without having to pay the regular membership fees that coming with belonging to a gym.



I hope this has been useful in providing some insight and helpful for any future decisions you make regarding these particular products. Feel free to leave any comments or questions below and we’ll happily respond.


Home Fitness And Exercise Equipment – Improve Fitness And Health


Knowledge and understanding of different types of exercises combined with a commitment to staying fit and healthy can be a perfect match to improve a number of aspects in your life.


Whilst many people have this as their aim, actually finding the time and motivation can be extremely difficult when taking into account Work, Family and Friends. The best solution we have found for this is Home Fitness and Exercise Equipment.


This allows people the convenience of being able to carry out their own fitness and exercise training in the comfort of their own home, this in particular helps those who struggle to find the time and money to put towards going to the gym and constant membership fees that come with that. Below is a breakdown to provide further knowledge of how home fitness and exercise training can be extremely beneficial.



Importance Of Flexible Fitness Training Header Image 2

Many People want to carry out regular exercise and maintain their health and fitness, however find it very difficult to combine this with their busy lives. This results in those same people often becoming unmotivated and struggling to find enjoyment in exercising and considering it more of a distraction than something they look forward to.


Having the suitable fitness and exercise equipment enables everyone the flexibility of carrying out their exercise training in the comfort of their own home or outdoors without feeling the need to get to the Gym. For some people the pressure of training around people they don’t know can make them feel uncomfortable and having the flexibility to train the same way as they could in the Gym eliminates that.


Everybody knows that if you enjoy something or are more motivated for that thing, then you are much more likely to carry out the task efficiently and benefit more from the results. Having the flexibility to exercise when and where you want help in providing more enjoyment and further motivation.



Improving Health With Cardio Or Muscular ExercisesHeader Image 2

It has always been well-known that fitness and exercise is associated with maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, the health benefits can be beneficial both physically and mentally. Even though most people would understand this as a general rule, sometimes knowing more about the associated benefits can help with realizing the importance of regular exercise.


Regular physical activity can help protect people from Obesity, Back Pain and Osteoporosis as well as significantly decreasing the risk of Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Strokes. The benefits of regular physical activity on mental well-being are often overlooked but in a modern world where constant pressure can be faced ‘Stress Management’ and ‘Self Esteem’ are key benefits that can be achieved through fitness and exercise.


The best part to all the different types of flexible training equipment on offer is that this allows everyone to tailor workouts to suit their needs for both Cardio or Muscular exercises.



Knowing The Best Work-Outs For Certain Target Areas Training Workouts

We find that breaking down the body into four key areas makes identifying what area of the body you want to focus on when doing certain exercises much easier. As a result, knowing and then targeting a specific area can make the training you do much more productive.


Below are listed the target areas into four parts:


Upper Body: The Upper Body includes the Chest, Back and Shoulder Muscles. The Pectoralis Major is the large Muscle that runs from your Armpit down to the middle of your chest. Exercises for this consist of Push-Ups with or without a Resistance Band or what’s known as ‘The C-Sweep’ or the Incline Fly which can be done with suitably weighted Dumbbells and a Bench Press or Body Balance Ball. The Trapezius Muscles are located in your Back, effective exercises for your Back are a Single-Arm Dumbbell Row which can be done with an Exercise Mat and Dumbbell and a Wide-Grip Pull-Up which can be completed using a Workout Bar. The Shoulders also known as the ‘Deltoid Muscles’ can be strengthened through an Exercise such as the ‘L’ Shoulder Raise which is carried out using a Resistance Band and other exercises such as Dumbbell Lateral Raise or Upright Row which both involve manageable weights accordingly.

Lower Body: Lower body exercises target the Glutes, Thighs and Calves. The Gluteus Maximus and Gluteus Medius can be targeted with exercises such as Squat and Walk using a Resistance Band and also Dumbbell Squats whilst Hamstring Raises and Lunges are also useful. Thigh Muscles consist of Hip Abductors, Tensor Fascia Latae, Quadriceps and Hamstrings, an important exercise for this is the Lying Outer-Thigh Blaster which is carried out using a Resistance Band and Exercise Mat. You can strengthen your Calves with Sumo Squats or Calf Raises and Bicycle Crunches which can be completed by laying down on an Exercise Mat and using a Resistance Band.

Core: An exercise that targets your Abdominal Muscles is the Standing Row with the use of a Resistance Band and something to pull from allows you to activate your Core Muscles. Other exercises include Abdominal Crunches and Side Planks as well as a Knee Tuck, Mountain Climber, Pike and Plank Jack which can all be performed using Core Sliders. Knee Tucks, Plank to Pike, V Roll-Outs and Knee Roll-Outs are very effective and are all done using an Ab Wheel.

Arms: The Biceps and Triceps are arm muscles. To target the Biceps the best exercises include Bicep Curls and Hammer Curls and Resistance Band Bicep Curls which involve the use of Dumbbells and Resistance Bands. Another very useful exercise targeting Biceps is Ball Press Work involving the use of a Medicine Ball. The Triceps are the Muscles on the back of the Upper Arm that runs from just under the Shoulder Muscles down to the Elbows. Target the Triceps using Dumbbells with a Kickback, Triceps Raise or Overhead Triceps Extension.



Matching Equipment With Certain Target Areas            Home Exercise Equipment

Having explained further about which exercises are most useful when targeting certain areas of the body it is also important to know which Equipment can be best used for each target area. Although there are a few exercises that can be done with no equipment at all most exercises are enhanced with the use of exercise equipment as it provides more variety and productivity to the training you do.


Upper BodyThe big equipment you find in the Gym is not the equipment you need for your Home Gym to achieve the results you want. The five most important pieces of equipment we recommend for Home Exercise when targeting your Upper Body includes Dumbbells, Workout Bar, Kettlebells, and a Bench Press is ideal (A Body Balance Ball can be used).

Lower Body: The Lower Body is certainly an area where not much equipment is needed but the use of equipment improves performance and results dramatically. The equipment pieces we recommend for this target area includes High Step Aerobic Platform, Resistance Bands and an Exercise Mat.

Core: Exercises targeting the Core Muscles without equipment can be extremely limited and repetitive, therefore we recommend Core Sliders, Ab Wheels and Resistance Bands to enhance your Core Area. There are also very practical Ab Machines (click link for more info)that target the Core Area effectively.

Arms : For Arm exercises it is always useful to have some different equipment available to you in order to change training methods from time to time. As well as Dumbbells we also suggest a Medicine Ball and Resistance Band as being able to provide alternative exercises for targeting your Arm Muscles.



Fitness And Exercise Training ‘Goals’

A proven and effective method in maintaining motivation and enjoyment in fitness and exercise training is to always set yourself achievable Goals. It is important not to set your targets too high at first so that you don’t lose motivation early on, but by setting realistic targets over a certain period you will constantly find yourself wanting to reach the next level of your progression.