The Maxi Climber Review – What Can It Do For You


It is very easy to see how this machine has become so popular among many people, since it offers the user the ability to train many areas of the body simultaneously and has proven to have very positive effects. The Maxi Climber review provided will hopefully shed some light as to why it’s popularity has surged so quickly and give some insight into what impact it could have on you.



The Maxi Climber is designed to offer a smart and very effective way of training at home but through just this one piece of equipment still offer the ability to work on and target a number of areas of the body through a full body aerobic and anaerobic workout.




How Effective Can It Be?


The Maxi Climber can be effective with just 10-15 minutes of use daily, initially 3 times a week with a view to increasing that to 5-6 times a week depending on how you feel, after a reasonable period the machine will start to provide a noticeable difference. Of course, the more intensity that is put into the workout by the user, then the more effect will be had on the body.


The machine can have a positive impact on your thighs, core, shoulders, glutes, calves, triceps and biceps and strengthen and tone these areas considerably. By using your body weight as a form of resistance, it allows you to engage all major muscle groups and this is one of the reasons it is proving so popular with customers.


Testing done on the product by the manufacturer has concluded that the product can help you burn more calories per hour than an exercise bike, and double that of a treadmill. This shows that not only can the machine help you strength and tone muscles groups but also will enable you to burn calories and reduce your body fat.




Product Reviewed


Name: Maxi Climber (Click Here)


Price: $179.99 


Measurements & Weight: – Height = 79 inches

– Length = 36 inches

– Width = 22 inches

– Weight = 34 pounds



– Adjustable Height.


– Made from durable steel.


– Compact folding design which allows for easy storage.


– Personal workout timer which starts and stops when you do.


– Isometric non-stick grips. Ergonomically designed for all body types.



Product Rating: 7.8/10





How To Use The Product



The product is designed to be particularly easy to use, therefore being suitable for a wide-range of people. Also, by making it easy to use it again helps to promote it as home fitness equipment as not only is it convenient it also is very easy to use and making it even more practical as a result. Maxi Climber 3


By keeping a straight back and griping the handles, you then push down with your left foot and pull the right handle upwards. After this, you repeat the same action with your opposite foot and pull the left handle with the same motion. By doing this, you are engaging your core and lifting your body weight through the action you are performing. Although this is very straightforward, the workout itself can become very tiring and the build up of duration may be required for beginners.




Product Pros And Cons


Pros: – Provides a full-body workout.


– Compact folding design so easy to storage.


– No need for extras weight plates needed to create resistance as body weight creates the resistance necessary.


– Ideal for quick workouts in a short amount of time per day.


– Lightweight frame makes it easy to move around if needed.


– Easy to set up and install.




Cons: – Set resistance as the resistance is always your body weight, although you can increase intensity of your workouts through duration.


– It is difficult to view the timer whilst working out due to its positioning.



How Does It Compare To Other Vertical Climbers


When it comes to vertical climbers, it is true that the Maxi Climber is certainly the most talked about product of them all and this is reflected in its popularity. However, I am keen to provide some information for several other vertical climbers that are available and see how the Maxi Climber fares in comparison.




Product Name: RELIFE Rebuild Your Life Vertical Climber (Click Here)


Price: $129.88 Relife Vertical Climber 1


Measurements & Weight: – Height = 85 inches

– Length = 37.5 inches

– Width = 28 inches

– Weight = 43 pounds



– Adjustable level to 5 different options according to users ability


– Square steel tube design to ensure stability


– Product can be easily stored through its space-saving design


Product Rating: 8.6/10


Comparison with the Maxi Climber:


Negative for the Maxi Climber: – The product is easy to install and offers many of the same features as the Maxi Climber but is still cheaper by a little over $50


Positive for the Maxi Climber: – The Maxi Climber has far more popularity and has many more users as a result. This provides more reviews available from current users experience. Therefore, offering and creating more widespread insight into the product.




Final Thoughts


Now, we have spoken about the popularity of the Maxi Climber with much recognition coming from their marketing and advertising campaigns, particularly on TV. However, this much attention may well get an initial wave of customers swooping to buy the product but the fact that the product has sustained its popularity overall and kept customer satisfaction at a pretty high level does show that the product is of a decent quality.



The product itself is effective and does offer a very practical and convenient solution for many people who lead very busy lives. The vertical design that has the ability to fold down to such a compact size is extremely convenient for home workouts where space is limited.








Home Gym Equipment Reviews – A Bench Press Suitable For You

When people do get fitness equipment for home use, often practical and durable equipment is their solution. Bench presses offer both of those things, of course the idea of a home gym is to take away the inconvenience of cost and time spent at a gym but still enable the user to exercise and train the same way that they would at a gym. Therefore, provided in the post are home gym equipment reviews for six bench presses that cover a range of training levels and prices to help in any potential search.


Home gym’s cannot accommodate lots of equipment so it is vitally important that equipment selected can allow for effective and varied exercise to be carried out. When looking at equipment ideal for strength training, a bench press can be perfect for this.




Products Reviewed – Bench Presses Suitable for Beginners



Name: Marcy Utility Flat Bench


Price: $59.99 Marcy Flat Utility Bench


Features: – Reinforced with powder coating to help bench resist wear and tear from regular use.


Weight & Measurements: – Item Weight = 19.8 pounds

– Item Length = 43 inches

– Item Width = 14 inches

– Item Height = 17 inches


Product Design: – Designed to fit easily in your home and high-density foam helps provide maximum comfort.


– Heavy-duty steel tube frame ensures steady support for the bench.


The Biggest Selling Point: – Versatile equipment that allows you to target number of muscles groups.


Product Rating: 8.8/10






Name: Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench


Price: $79.99 Fitness Reality 1000 Bench


Features: – Backrest can be adjusted to -20 degree decline and +80 degree incline.


Weight & Measurements: – Item Weight = 35lbs

– Item Length = 59 inches

– Item Width = 23.5 inches

– Item Height = 48.5 inches


Product Design: – Adjustable leg hold down bar for additional stability during workouts.


– Leg bar is detachable for three positions. 


The Biggest Selling Point:

– Product can be easily folded for storage after use.


Product Rating: 8.8/10




Products Reviewed – Bench Presses Suitable for Advanced Users



Name: Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench for Home Gym Workout SB-670


Price: $122.99 Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench


Features: – Made from premium quality materials with high-density foam and powder-coated steel frame to provide extra support during workouts.


Weight & Measurements: – Item Weight = 51.4 pounds

– Item Length = 52 inches

– Item Width = 25 inches

– Item Height = 46.5 inches


Product Design: – Back pad can be adjusted to six positions, the different angles allow for exercises such as incline, decline and flat presses to be carried out.


– The seat can adjusted to three positions to accommodate all users.


The Biggest Selling Points: – Product is designed with built-in transport wheels and a handle grip for efficient mobility. Therefore, the bench can easily be used outdoors.


– The bench includes hassle free storage.


Product Rating: 9/10






Name: Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL High Capacity Weight Bench


Price: $199.00  Fitness Reality 2000


Features: – Detachable leg lock-down with four foam rollers to enable sit ups and decline bench presses.


Weight & Measurements: – Item Weight = 65 pounds

– Item Length = 69.5 inches

– Item Width = 24 inches

– Item Height = 52 inches


Product Design: – Seat design eliminates the gap between the backrest and seat at all angles and any position. The bench seat has three angle adjustments.


– Adjustable backrest to seven angles from -15 degrees to +85 degrees.


The Biggest Selling Points: – Can be folded for easy storage after use. Fitness Reality 2000 2


– Allows for over twenty workout exercises including sit ups, dips, shoulder presses, bench presses and dumbbell curls.


Product Rating: 7.8/10








Products Reviewed – Bench Presses Suitable for Expert Users



Name Body Champ BCB5860 Olympic Weight Bench with Preacher Curl


Price: $189.95 Body Champ Bench Press


Features: – Has enhanced safety features with built-in Safety Hooks and No-pinch design to prevent injury to hand and grip.


– The bench is compatible with most 6′ and 7′ Weight set bars.


Weight & Measurements: – Item Weight = 78.4 pounds

– Item Length = 76 inches

– Item Width = 56 inches

– Item Height = 55 inches


Product Design: – Has an adjustable dual-action leg developer, complete with adjustable foam rollers to enable leg curls and leg extensions.


– Backrest can be adjusted to seven positions to ensure versatility provided by machine.


The Biggest Selling PointBody Champ Bench Press 2

– Key accessories included such as Olympic Plate Adaptor, Spring Clip for Leg Developer, Preacher Curl Pad, Arm Curl Bar and Ab Crunch with foam grip handles attachment.


Product Rating: 8.4/10










Name: Marcy Olympic Weight Bench For Full-Body Workout MD-857


Price: $279.99 Marcy Olympic Weight Bench Full Body


Features: – Dual-function leg developer includes a pivot point that aligns with the knee joint and a locking mechanism ideal for abdominal exercise, this allows for proper body posture and maximum effect on muscle groups targeted.


– The product comes complete with storage posts and Olympic sleeves which enables the two weight plates to be easily stored.


Weight & Measurements: – Item Weight = 110 pounds

– Item Length = 80 inches

– Item Width = 47.5 inches

– Item Height = 60 inches


Product Design: – An adjustable seat and back pad with a slide track to conform to proper lifting positions which enhances the intensity of workouts performed.


– Made from premium steel construction with foam and vinyl helping provide sturdy exercise equipment that is comfortable, safe and durable.


The Biggest Selling PointMarcy Olympic Weight Bench Full Body 2

– The product is massively versatile and is designed for full-body training at home. A wide-range of strength training exercises can be performed particularly focused on arms, legs, chest and core.


Product Rating: 7.8/10





Time Saving and Long-Term Gains



The versatility offered with bench presses is often overlooked, as people tend to focus on upper body workouts when assessing what exercises they should do on a bench press. As highlighted in the reviews, many of the products are able to accommodate a number of different exercises and target a wide-range of different areas making them suitable for more people.


There are obvious benefits to having exercise equipment at home including convenience and practicality and with more and more people looking to carry out their exercise at home, manufacturers are aware of this and a lot of exercise equipment has been tailored accordingly. By making equipment more practical and even more friendly for home users, this only encourages more people to keep an active and healthy lifestyle.


The equipment is designed to be long-lasting and durable, as a result, what might be a reasonable amount of money spent now, could be an investment that provides a lot of satisfaction over a long period making it very worthwhile.



Improving Balance Through Exercise – Superior Fitness Product Review



When it comes to looking at exercise equipment to use at home, as a beginner or more experienced, then an ideal piece of equipment is something that is easy to use, cost-effective and offers the ability to carry out a number of diverse exercises which can be key when maintaining motivation to keep fit.


The Superior Fitness Stability Ball can help improve balance through exercise but is also ideal to be used within Yoga routines, not to mention a whole range of other exercises that can be done targeting a wide range of areas on the body.




More than just a Body Balance Ball Superior Fitness Stability Ball 4


The full range of possible exercises with a body balance ball is not always taken into consideration, but in fact for something so cost-effective a number of different types of training can be focused upon. The product itself comes with resistance bands and a pump and can be perfect for not only improvement of balance but also strengthening of core muscles, relief from back pain and help in improving bad posture.


The product comes with a guide to a possible 100 different exercises that can be performed, some of which involve the use of the resistance band which helps boost the number of exercise options, however there are a good number of exercises which just purely require yourself and the ball.




Product Review


Name Superior Fitness 600lb Exercise/Yoga/Stability Ball



Price: $35.49 Superior Fitness Stability Ball 2



Included Items: Resistance Bands (custom length to suit users needs)


– Pump (provides ease of inflating)


– Stability Ring & Metal Hooks (insures extra safety by preventing ball from moving whilst using)


– Cushioned Handles (Provides added comfort to user)



Suitability: – Suitable for anyone from beginners through to fitness freaks as product is straightforward to use and user can easily tailor their exercises to suit their ability level.


– Product can be used for strength training for a number of areas including upper body, core and back.


– Ideal for users requiring physical therapy, such as recovering from injury or for helping with back pain.


– Perfect for yoga enthusiasts to further improve upon existing sessions.



Weight & Measurements: – Stability Ball = 600lb & 65cm



Product Rating: 8.6/10



Easy to use at Home Superior Fitness Stability Ball 3


When committing to doing exercise at home, many people can’t decide what vital fitness equipment they need to be able to carry out effective exercise but also making sure they get durable equipment that allows for them to get their monies worth.


This is where this item fits the bill as a very useful addition for anyone looking to carry out exercise at home. The volume of exercises that can be performed and the variety of exercises means that you can target effectively a good number of areas with this one piece of equipment. Having used the product myself, I can confirm its user-friendly and when used properly can be very effective in achieving the users ultimate goal.





Best Fitness Equipment for Home Use – Resistance Bands




For anybody looking to carry out effective and convenient exercise in their home, then I would always suggest starting out with resistance bands as due to their flexibility you are able to maintain a high level of variety in your workouts and also target a number of areas. With resistance bands you can focus on strength training, improving balance & core, implement them within yoga routines or use them to help with physical therapy which really does make them suitable for a wide range of people.


Some of the best fitness equipment for home use such as resistance bands, core sliders, aerobic step platforms, ab wheels are not always widely known for their effectiveness and benefits, particularly for those whose previous experience of exercising has been limited in general or mainly carried out at a gym where bigger machines are usually at the forefront.




Benefits from use of Resistance Bands



Variety of Exercises:

With resistance bands you can do a number of strength training exercises but also whole-body exercises that target many muscles groups of you body at once.


Convenient and Cost-Effective:

The fact they are practical means that you can easily storage them and take them with you to use anywhere you wish. On top of this they are affordable and long-lasting.


Adaptable to the user:

Resistance bands can be used by all, from beginners to experts. They come in a few different resistance levels including light, medium and heavy and by giving the band more or less slack, the intensity can be adjusted.


Flexibility on offer:

As well as being able to carry out a number of different exercises, the resistance band can also be used alongside other pieces of equipment to enhance the performance of that particular workout. For example with a body balance ball or weights.


Familiarity of Exercises:

Whilst there are a load of exercises that can be done with resistance bands that will be new to people, because of their flexibility people can also do more familiar exercises with them, more on the different exercises possible later.




Types of Resistance Bands


There are two different types of resistance bands depending on what your focus is. There are  resistance loop bands and there are also elastic resistance bands with handles on.



Resistance Loop BandsResistance Loop Bands


They tend to be more suitable for yoga, physical therapy and lower body workouts such as legs and glutes although can be used for upper body workouts as well.


These are the  Resistance Bands I recommend given their price but also knowing the quality and durability they offer from personal experience.




Resistance Bands with HandlesResistance Band Set


They tend to be more suitable for resistance training and whole body workouts, particularly effective for upper body workouts including areas such as biceps, shoulders, back and triceps.


This is the Resistance Band Set I recommend as they come complete with different intensity levels, therefore are suitable for both beginners and experts.



Areas of the Body you can Target



In essence you can pretty much target any area of the body you want with resistance bands, this is due to the flexibility of them and the sheer number of different exercises you can do as a result. Quite often the exercises are familiar ones but the intensity of them is increased with the use of a resistance band. 


Now, depending on how new you are to using resistance bands, then some exercises may be more familiar at first and can be good for getting used to working with resistance bands. The picture to the right shows possible exercises you can do specifically using resistance bands with handles.


Below are some more example exercises and areas you can target with resistance bands with handles, although it is worth noting that some of the exercises mentioned below can also be completed using resistance loop bands.


Chest – Resistance band push-ups (Can be completed effectively using both resistance band with handles and resistance loop bands)


Triceps– Resistance band tricep extensions (Most effective when completed using resistance band with handles)


Hamstrings – Resistance band hamstring curls (Can be completed effectively using both resistance band with handles and resistance loop bands)


Biceps – Resistance band hammer curls (Most effective when completed using resistance band with handles)


Shoulders – Resistance band shoulder press (Most effective when completed using resistance band with handles)


Quads, Glutes & Lower Body – Resistance band front squat (Can be completed effectively using both resistance band with handles and resistance loop bands)




Possible Exercises with Resistance Loop Bands 



Above, we have discussed exercises that are best done using resistance bands with handles and exercises that can be just as effective using both types of resistance bands. Below are provided exercises that are best performed when using resistance loop bands and are ideal for both beginners and more advanced users.



Bicycle Crunch – By using your core to rotate at the waist and by bringing your right elbow to your left knee and then twisting and doing the same with your left elbow to your right knee it is an ideal exercise that is intensified with the use of a resistance band.


Standing Knee Tuck – With the resistance band around the middle of feet at hip width apart, lift the left knee towards the chest and crunch the right elbow towards left knee before repeating on the other side.


Side Plank – Starting a high plank position with the resistance band looped around the ankles, lift the opposite foot to which your weight is on and hold for 30 seconds before repeating on the opposite side.


Unilateral Squat – Stand with feet wider than hip-width apart and the resistance band looped around left foot and left wrist before extending the arms out in front of you and lower into a squat. Then repeat this on the opposite side.


T-Rotation Lunge – Hold the resistance band shoulder-width apart with your arms extended in front of you. Step one foot back into a lunge whilst pulling the resistance band as wide as possible before repeating on the opposite leg.



Resistance bands are an ideal option when looking to workout anywhere, but particularly at home given how many exercises are possible with them but also the convenience they provide. They can be used alongside other pieces of equipment to intensify existing workouts or in replace of whilst still providing the same outcome.







The Confidence Fitness Machine – Is It Right For You



The Confidence Fitness Machine has taken the interest of many people looking to get fit in their own home, it has been particular popular because of the convenience it provides for people but also because of how easy it is to use. As a result, the machine has been suitable for a wide range of potential users.



By looking in more depth at what the machine has to offer, hopefully we can provide some more insight. This can be very useful when a product is causing a bit of a craze and you want to know what all the fuss is about before committing to it. I have several Family members who have used the machine and so have been able to see the positive results firsthand, particularly after being a bit doubtful of what effect it could have.




Name (+ Link): Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Machine Confidence Fitness Machine

Price: $249.99

Product Claim: Increase muscle strength and improves oxygen and blood circulation leading to improved general fitness.

Weight: The machines weighs 62lbs

Dimensions: Vibration Plate = 21″ x 15″

The Confidence Vibration Platform Fitness Machine = 29″ x 27.5″ x 48″

Extras: Transport wheels built into the base of the machine enables users to move the machine easily

Guarantee: Product comes with a 1-year warranty

Product Rating: 9/10






How The Machine Works

Confidence Fitness 2

The machine itself is easy to navigate via the control panel, there is a Power/Speed option which can be adjusted anywhere between levels 1-50 depending on preference. The higher the levels the more power is felt from the vibrations.


There are also three built-in preset speed programs which can be used. A key benefit to using a vibration machine regularly is that you get protection against bone thinning and in fact increases your bone density.


A range of exercises can be performed on the machine, which include exercises where you stand, lie or sit on the vibration platform. These exercises can target different areas of the body, in order to target your Upper body, the machine can be utilized with yoga straps that also come with the machine.





Overall Benefits From The Machine


With the machine highly thought of amongst users, there are a number of benefits that the machines has to offer.


Easy to use: Simply by getting on the body vibration machine for 10-20 minutes a few times a week can have a positive impact on how you look and feel. If you wish to try out the different exercises suggested in the fitness guide or use the included yoga straps, then this can take one or two times of use before getting familiar with.


Suitable for a wide-range of people: Given it can be used as a low impact machine, this means it can be used by all ages.


Versatile training: The machine can be used for more intense workouts, a number of exercises are recommended within the fitness guide that comes with the machine.


Confidence Fitness 4




Are There Any Negatives?


It is always important when reviewing products to make sure that a balanced view is provided. Although there are several negatives, fortunately they are minor issues and haven’t outweighed the positive aspects that the machine has to offer with users.



Assembling the machine: The Confidence Vibration Machine does not come pre-assembled. The machine comes complete with instructions and a few users have said it took them a little longer than they would have liked to assemble as they found the instructions a little confusing. You do have the option to pay extra to have it assembled for you, however a little perseverance with these things usually get’s the job done in the end.


Getting to know the machine: There can be a bit of time required to get used to performing various exercises on the machine if you have not used it before, and there are no visible markers for mounting the yoga straps but if you look at the base of the machine, then you can see where the straps attach.





Overall reviews from previous users

As I mentioned earlier, knowing and seeing the impact the machine has had on several of my family members indicates to me that the machine is very effective. Confidence Fitness 1


The product hasn’t become a #1 bestseller on Amazon by luck, the product clearly has something very positive to offer. This has been reflected in the reviews given by people, as they generally feel the machine makes exercising easier for them and provides a massive amount of convenience and practicality given it can be used in the comfort of your own home.