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Many people are passionate about staying fit and healthy but can’t always find the time to achieve this. I’m Josh and have experience being in this exact situation, therefore have created this site to help try to solve these issues.


how it began

From a young age I’ve always been very much into a wide range of sports and was always encouraged and able to freely participate as much as I wanted, as you are often when you’re younger.


As I got older I really enjoyed going to the gym but began working full-time, as a result I found it harder to find the time and motivation to go the gym often even though my passion for sports and fitness had not changed.





Having experienced firsthand the very dilemma of carrying the pressure of normal day-to-day tasks and working whilst trying to maintain the required time and motivation levels to get to the gym, I understand the challenge many people face with trying to combine this with focusing on their jobs or spending valuable time with their family or friends.


Therefore, I feel the best solution to this very common dilemma is to bring the gym to you. This provides much more convenience and not to mention also helps save you precious money on gym membership fees.


Also, much of the equipment and products we discuss can be used flexibly in the comfort of your own home or in some cases even outdoors if you prefer to complete your exercise routine  in natural surroundings.



what we wish to achieve

Here at Home Fitness And Exercise Equipment we want to help people who are just starting out with exercising more regularly or who have always struggled with combining their daily lives with finding time for the gym.


We want people to understand that struggles with always finding time to go to the gym or pressures some people face when at the gym can be eliminated by keeping fit in your own time and wherever you want. This allows people more freedom to exercise in a way they feel most comfortable with, providing the choice of exercising on your own or with friends and not always with strangers as is quite often the case in a gym environment.




If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,






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