BOSU Balance Trainer Exercises – Equipment For Home Use

    A balance trainer can provide a user with number of possible benefits, when incorporated within a regular exercise regime and/or yoga routine. The variety of workouts possible with a balance trainer helps to provide the user mix up their routine, and this in turn helps to keep motivation levels high and maintain an interesting and fun aspect to

Dumbbell Exercise Routines – Something That Works For You

    A great aspect of using dumbbells, is that they are so flexible. We are able to target all the main areas of the body through dumbbell exercise routines. This really highlights, why dumbbells are such essential pieces of equipment when it comes to working out.   It’s very important to realize that managing your progress is very easily

Medicine Ball Core Exercises – Fitness & Strength

    There is quite a lot more variety offered through use of a medicine ball than is often realized. Although, medicine ball core exercises are a great way of building strength in that area of your body, medicine ball exercises can also work your lower body and your upper body, quite often these are exercises that work these separate

Body Solid Leg Curl Machine – Lower Body Workout

    A workout machine that targets specifically the leg area can be a great addition to a home gym, often the types of workout machine that are bought focus mainly on targeting upper body areas, such as shoulders, arms & back, so a machine such as the Body Solid Leg Curl Machine that offers a lower body workout is

Goplus Ab Trainer – Ab Fitness Equipment

    Targeting of the core muscles can be done with workouts such as planks & sit-ups, but exercises carried out with ab fitness equipment specifically designed to focus on the core area will increase muscle strength and volume significantly and make your workouts much more productive.     The use of equipment allows for a full range of motion