Body Solid Leg Curl Machine – Lower Body Workout

    A workout machine that targets specifically the leg area can be a great addition to a home gym, often the types of workout machine that are bought focus mainly on targeting upper body areas, such as shoulders, arms & back, so a machine such as the Body Solid Leg Curl Machine that offers a lower body workout is

Goplus Ab Trainer – Ab Fitness Equipment

    Targeting of the core muscles can be done with workouts such as planks & sit-ups, but exercises carried out with ab fitness equipment specifically designed to focus on the core area will increase muscle strength and volume significantly and make your workouts much more productive.     The use of equipment allows for a full range of motion

Body Solid Workout Machine – Body-Solid GPM65 Pec Machine

    For many, this is considered one of the best pectoral machines available and its reasonable price compared to other similar machines makes it even more suitable for a home gym setup. In this article, we will assess in what respects the body solid workout machine truly delivers.     A Pec Deck Machine is a weighted machine specifically

High Step Aerobic Platform – Change Up Your Routine

      Although, Step Aerobic Platform’s have been around for a while, there are many who don’t use them as they are possible not aware of what they can offer.   There is a surprising amount of flexibility in terms of what benefits can be had by utilizing using a High Step Aerobic Platform, including who they are suitable

Shoulder Exercise Machine – Deltoid and Shoulder Machine

    This deltoid and shoulder machine is quite a significant investment when looking to add to your home gym, not to mention it has a fair bit of weight and size to it, which has to be factored in when looking to accommodate it. Being a shoulder exercise machine, it does a very good job at targeting that area