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Core Sliders are very much an understated piece of gym equipment that many people have possibly come across or are aware of but have never actually tried to use within their exercise routine. This is mainly because this type of Core Fitness Equipment is a relatively newer piece of equipment than most of the familiar pieces that people use, but also given their size, they are often overlooked by people that go to the gym who usually head straight for the bigger or more familiar equipment.



The size of Core Sliders and their simplicity to use makes them ideal for home use. Not only are they practical, they are easy to store, cost-efficient and add a massive amount of variety to many exercises. Later in the article, we will compare a few existing products on the market and highlight the flexibility they can provide in terms of different exercises possible.





Product Reviews



Name: Dynasco Core Sliders


Price: $9.99


Design: – Dual-sided exercise sliders that work on any surface, one side is plastic suitable for carpet, rug and fabric flooring. The other side is foam suitable for hardwood and tiled flooring.


Weight: 10.1 Ounces (0.63 Pounds)


Extras: – Comes with storage bag so user can be flexible with workouts.

– Fitness journal to help plan and track your diet and workout regime.


Product Rating: 9/10






Name: Duos Fit Athletics Core Sliders


Price: $14.99


Design: – Has a fabric top layer side for hard surfaces and also a plastic side which allows for easy use on soft surfaces.


Weight: 11.2 Ounces (0.7 Pounds)


Extras: – Come with Resistance Bands that come in a set of 5 different resistance levels to use separately or alongside the Core Sliders.


Product Rating: 9/10






Name: Elite Sportz Exercise Sliders



Price: $10.97


Design: – Double sided exercise sliders to enable use on all surfaces.


Weight: 6.4 Ounces (0.4 Pounds)


Extras: – Money back guarantee if customer is not 100% satisfied with product.


Product Rating: 8.8/10






Name: Premium Core Sliders



Price: $4.99


Design: – Versatile design that allows for user to combine with exercises using weights but also new core exercises from the guide of exercises that comes with the set.


Weight: 10.4 Ounces (0.65 Pounds)


Extras: – Comes in a set with Resistance Bands and storage bag.

– Set includes guide to over 45 exercises using both Core Sliders and Resistance Bands.


Product Rating: 8/10





Exercises Possible With Core Sliders


There is a lot of variety that can be added to your workout by using Core Slider, which we will discuss later. Now, I want to describe 10 possible exercises (even though there are many more) that can be done with Core Sliders. Many of these are more than likely familiar exercises, but that can be taken up a level in terms of intensity and outcome, there are also a few there that are less known but that can be learnt and carried out like a pro after just one or two attempts of getting used to.


These exercises aren’t all exercises that just target the core area, they also target upper and lower body, which again highlights the flexibility on offer with this equipment.







Mountain Climber: Start with positioning your body in a high plank with both feet on the sliders. Slide right knee towards your chest, then push knee back to return to the original high plank position. Simply repeat on the other side.

Core Sliders 10


Plank Jack: Start in a forearm plank position with both feet on sliders. Push feet apart to at least hip-width distance, then pull them back together. Repeat as quickly as possible.



Knee tuck: Starting a high plank position with both feet on sliders, pull your knees to touch your chest whilst focusing on keeping your core tight. Push feet back to extend into a high plank and repeat.



Pike: Start in a high plank position with both feet on sliders. Brace core and hike hips towards the ceiling, pulling feet in towards hands, making sure to keep hands and shoulders in the same place. Slide feet back to original position and repeat the move.






Core Sliders 7


 Arm Crawl: Start in a high plank position with the sliders under each foot. Then, ‘walk’ forward using only your hands, one in front of the other, and drag your feet on the sliders behind you. The ‘walk’ can then be reversed by moving backwards to your original position.



Staggered Push-Up: Starting in a high plank position with sliders under both hands, simply push right hand forward several inches and perform a push-up in the staggered stance. Alternate sides and continue to repeat this exercise.



– Arm Slide: Start in a kneeling position and place both hands on sliders. Engage your core and slide both arms forward simultaneously, trying to get your chest as close to the ground as possible. Pull arms back towards chest and repeat.






Core Sliders 9

Reverse Lunge: Start by standing with your feet on both sliders. Bend right leg and slide right foot back into a low lunge, whilst keeping left foot stationary. Straighten leg and return to original position and repeat exercise on other side.




Sliding Burpees: Standing with both feet on sliders, squat down and place hands on ground before sliding back into a high plank position. Perform one push-up, then pull knees back to chest and repeat.



Squat: Start in a standing position with both feet on sliders and feet shoulder-width apart. Drop into a low squat and engage your glutes, hamstrings and core. Use your inner thigh muscles and glutes to pull your legs together into a standing position and simply repeat.









Add Variety To A Workout

Core Sliders 5


Core Sliders can be used in a variety of Aerobic workouts, Pilates, Yoga, Crossfit and can be incorporated into strength training exercises. By automatically doing a familiar exercises such as a push-up or a squat, it can become repetitive, by simply doing these same exercises but with using Core Sliders, the exercise is suddenly taken to a whole new level of intensity and the exercise becomes more challenging and the results will be more radical as a result.


The sliders are also able to provide a great deal of variety in terms of where they can be used, given they are light and can be easily stored in a bag, they can be carried with you to use outdoors or even during a break at work. Even if they are not required in those circumstances, then they are still great for using at home to spice up existing exercise routines or to provide opportunity to look into new exercises that are possible, believe me there are a lot.

4 thoughts on “Core Fitness Equipment – Core Sliders

  • Dan July 12, 2018 at 8:38 pm

    That’s exactly what I was looking for. Having problems doing various kinds of push ups. My hands are kind of soft and it difficult to do push ups in all the places I would like to, but with these sliders problems are no more! Thank you for your post, getting my own sliders right now!

    • Josh July 13, 2018 at 1:38 pm

      Glad that I could shed some light on this…seems like they are ideal for you!

  • Tony July 13, 2018 at 6:34 pm

    I have done many things when it comes to fitness but have never really tried out core sliders. These would’ve been really useful early on in my training when my core was weaker. The various core sliders are they all pretty much the same thing?

    • Josh July 14, 2018 at 9:27 am

      The varying Core Sliders discussed don’t differ to much in terms of quality and durability…only really price, which factors in if they come with resistance bands as a set. The great thing about them, is that there are so many different exercises you can do and suitable for all levels as you can increase the intensity through reps and duration as your core becomes stronger. Thanks for your comment.


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