Lose Weight And Still Eat What You Want – Quantity Is Key


It is very possible to lose weight and still eat what you want as long as you manage this and keep within your daily calorie allowance. Although compromises have to be made, it does not mean you have to give up all the foods you may find enjoyable as in the long run this is often not the most beneficial way of losing weight.


It is common knowledge that you have to be prepared to put the work in and at times compromise on your normal diet in terms of managing what you eat and how much you eat in order to lose weight. Being able to control your daily calorie intake is important to making it work and understanding what your body needs is also particularly useful.


Depending on how quickly you want to lose weight can depend on what diet is most suitable for you. There are diets that work towards losing more weight in a shorter period of time but these diets involve strict management of the foods you consume. For example 5 days in a week could involve only healthy foods at the normal calorie intake level and then halving your calorie intake for the remaining 2 days in the week, this is known as intermittent fasting. An effective diet example for this is what’s known as  the 5:2 Diet  and can be over the course of around 12 weeks or longer and can result in losing between 14-28lbs of weight if stuck to properly.



How To Lose Weight Without

Starving Yourself

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Everybody needs to know starving yourself and not supplying your body with the necessary nutrients in order to lose weight is not healthy or enjoyable and certainly isn’t a long term solution. When losing weight it is important to keep energy levels high to allow for more productive exercise but also to maintain the feeling of normality so that your mind is not constantly thinking that you are on a diet, therefore leading to cravings and feelings of negativity towards your new regime.


There are many diets out there which encourage people to skip meals or eat an insufficient amount for what their body needs in order to lose weight quicker, sometimes there will be short term gain in terms of losing some weight but in the long run many dieters who try this end up putting their original weight back on after they complete the diet. In some cases they put even more weight on than before they began the diet as starving yourself leads to a slower metabolism, so when you begin eating more again the weight is put on more rapidly.


It is unfortunate that some Celebrities do not help this by using diet to make money and boost their brand image. They often show a before and after image which shows the weight they have lost by doing what they are promoting via their Fitness or Workout DVD and as a result encourage sales of their product but often this is not the truth. All seems good until a bit later down the line it comes to light that they in fact achieved the weight loss through a ‘starvation diet’ in order to get slim in a short space of time so they could get their product out quicker, as losing weight in a more natural way would only delay the time they could get their product to the market and potentially hinder sales or even mean they miss out on an opportunity to increase their brand.


This then ends up giving more coverage to the credibility of ‘starvation diets’ as people see how effective it is without thinking of the longer term effects which isn’t good when you consider losing weight can be such a sensitive and sought after thing for many people. Of course, this is not all Celebrities but given the influence that many of them have it only takes a few to portray a false image which then has a negative impact on many trusting followers.



Quantity Is Key Health And Food


Within a healthy and balanced diet, a man needs around 2500 calories and a woman needs around 2000 calories. Of course, this can vary depending on age, metabolism and levels of physical activity but it provides a good framework in which to work from. Given that these are the recommended amounts for men and women when maintaining weight, you can adapt your own intake accordingly depending on what is suitable for you. For example, for a woman to lose one pound of weight of per week the daily intake would need to be at 1500 calories. For a man the daily intake is at 2000 calories to lose one pound of weight per week.


The above figures are good outlines to work from, but ultimately you will need to decide what works best for you and this may take some experimenting and a few attempts to feel comfortable. This is perfectly natural as your body is undergoing a process of change from a dietary routine it has experienced for a long time into a newer and healthier lifestyle. A diet where you are more relaxed about what you eat, but you manage the amounts correctly and are prepared to lose weight over a longer period of time, or a diet where you are more strict with what you eat and are looking to lose weight within a shorter period of time can both be effective but can take time to adapt to.


This is why I always suggest that dieters shouldn’t deprive themselves of too many things but instead focus on quantities. Of course Added Sugars, Processed Carbs and foods very high in fat should be avoided on the whole but should then be replaced with foods high in Protein, Fiber, Natural Sugars and Carbs to ensure your body is provided with the right nutrients and energy. Doing all of this within your daily calorie intake makes it easier to plan your meals and stick to your targets.



Achievements Should Be Rewarded 


Cutting back on things you know are important to losing weight is a very good start as opposed to banning things completely. Banning lots of things from your diet can actually increase the cravings your body has for those things and can give you too much to handle in one go, particularly as the beginning stage of losing weight can be the hardest given their is a feeling of unfamiliarity and it can be tough to adapt to the change.


After a certain period you will become more accustomed to your new lifestyle and will find new foods that replace the foods that were preventing you from losing weight and your body will no longer have those same cravings and you will adapt what you eat accordingly.


I know from previous experience that targets set are often much more likely to be achieved when the reward is seen as realistic to obtain. Even if the reward is small it can still be extremely beneficial to the overall picture, rewarding yourself on occasion with a treat following a stretch of good work within your diet or following a period of strenuous exercise can be useful, especially earlier on in the process to help stay on track and keep motivation levels high overall.



You Know Your Body Best Health And Fitness


Ultimately you know what your body needs best, but knowing that diet isn’t all about cutting out everything bad is very worthwhile as anything can work providing it is in a suitable quantity and you are willing to put the work in when it comes to physical activity. Setting yourself daily limits for your calorie intake is key to being able to closely monitor where you are at and how you are progressing along.


Trying new foods that you like better than others is perfectly normal along the way to achieving the end result, how far you can push your body physically may well change as you carry out more physical activity but it is important to know that losing weight doesn’t happen overnight and their is a process that your body will undertake but ultimately once you achieve your ultimate goal you will be much more likely to maintain the new lifestyle you have created for yourself.

8 thoughts on “Lose Weight And Still Eat What You Want – Quantity Is Key

  • David April 15, 2018 at 1:21 pm

    Great article, and a very important topic.

    The entire world is facing huge obesity problems right now, and that’s mostly due to lack of knowledge about nutrition, that’s why we need more articles like this.

    Btw, starving yourself will slow down your metabolism, which means that when you start eating again, you will get even bigger. Not a very good solution indeed. Fasting is recommended, and it’s a very good alternative to starving yourself.

    Thanks, i enjoyed reading the article,


    • Josh April 15, 2018 at 6:24 pm

      I feel like many people want to lose weight but always feel overwhelmed or are not aware of all the useful information that could help them achieve this.

      Appreciate your thoughts and glad you enjoyed it.

  • Amy April 16, 2018 at 10:51 am

    This is a daily struggle for me, as I tend to eat too little to lose weight quickly, and then I go in the other direction and binge on things that I didn’t or couldn’t eat. So obviously this doesn’t work for me! I love what you said about physical activity and being aware of my daily caloric intake. You are right that it doesn’t happen overnight. It took me awhile to put on the extra weight so I can’t expect that taking it off will happen immediately! Thanks for a great post!

    • Josh April 16, 2018 at 11:44 am

      Thanks for the comment…I think this is a struggle for many people. Getting the balance right can be very difficult, but hopefully posts like these can help more people deal with it better.

  • Angee April 18, 2018 at 5:05 pm

    Hi , while quantity is good quality is equally important I believe. Keeping a balanced diet is hard for me as I tend to stick to eating same foods all the time. Great article. Thanks.

    • Josh April 19, 2018 at 9:30 am

      It certainly is true that quality of what you eat plays a big part, I just feel people always associate weight loss with giving up anything they enjoy and this isn’t the case with everything as long as managed properly and other important lifestyle changes are carried out.

      Thank you for the feedback.

  • Les Trow July 6, 2018 at 10:58 am

    Fantastic post. At first I thought you’d made a mistake when you had quantity is key and I must admit it did really make me want to read on. Very good advice for a sensible diet regime that can be sustained.

    • Josh July 7, 2018 at 10:10 am

      Appreciate the comment…It is important people realize dieting doesn’t need to be seen so negatively, as long as you manage the amount you consume within your daily calorie intake and try to have a balanced diet along with leading an active lifestyle, then people will see the benefits.


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